Updated Feruary 2024

Some new features & products we are working on

Deploying multiple asset vaults (Coming in 2023)

Arbiturm was just the first step. We are working on deploying new asset vaults besides Arbitrum so stay tuned to hear more on the next chain we deploy to.

Additional SDK functions for EVM (Coming in 2023)

The SDK is getting a redesign to include a fully customizable interface that builders can leverage to avoid developing their own front-end as well as core functions removing the need to use webhooks for all major actions, so developers have more freedom to set up their project the way they like to.

Listing new markets

We are working hard to list new perp markets. Stay on the lookout for announcements.

Perpetual futures upgrades

Perptual futures will keep getting better and better, with mofications such as higher leverage or other collateral types to offer traders the flexibility.

Recent launches

We recently introduced an omnichain order book which is now on mainnet. Now, Perp traders from all major chains will settle orders in one unified order book. You’ll be trading seamlessly with users on different blockchains without even realising it. That means projects looking to offer perp trading on their platform don’t have to build independent instances of their app for every chain they want to launch on. You can read up more in our blog post.

The SDK just got a redesign to include webhooks for generating keys and simplifying integration process for developers and API traders alike.