June 25th, 2024 - Minor Update

Release Times

Testnet: June 21, 2024 14:00pm (UTC +8)

Mainnet: June 25, 2024 14:00pm (UTC +8)



  • Adding optional level parameter to /v1/order POST body, which allows to use the price of bid0 to bid4 or ask0 to ask4

  • Adding optional post_only_adjust parameter to /v1/order POST body. Default value is false. If it is set to true, then it will adjust price to 1 tick close to current best price. Only supported for POST_ONLY type orders

  • New endpoint /v1/get_broker to fetch all brokers where given address has been registered

  • Performance improvements

May 28th, 2024 - Minor Update

Release Times

Testnet: May 24, 2024 14:00pm (UTC +8)

Mainnet: May 28, 2024 14:00pm (UTC +8)

New Feature

Expanding to Mantle

The multichain expansion is progressing, and we are excited to announce our launch on Mantle, along with the introduction of support for USDC.e on the Mantle network.



  • New WebSocket topic for maintenance status

  • Adding optional “order_tag” param to /v1/public/campaign/user API

  • Adding optional sorting params to /v1/volume/broker/daily endpoint

  • Remove fee in the response in referral APIs

  • Add sort parameter to GET referee endpoint

  • Performance improvements

April 16, 2024 - Minor Update

New Feature

New bracket order support

We’re pleased to introduce bracket orders to Orderly Network, a feature designed to enhance your trading strategy by automatically setting stop loss and take profit orders alongside your primary trade. This functionality allows you to better manage risk and lock in profits without constant market monitoring.

New Feature

Traders can now see realized PnL

All order APIs now return realized PnL per position for orders closing or reducing open positions.


Updated endpoints

Two new websocket topics {broker_id}${symbol}@ticker and {broker_id}$tickers to query each broker’s voulme per market.

Two new endpoints for verifying and checking referral codes.

March 12, 2024 - Minor Update

New Feature

Brokers are now chain specific

Given Orderly’s growth of supported chains, we understand some projects choose to only focus on certain chains, thus brokers can now choose which chain they want to operate on.

Supported brokers for each chain can be retrieved through GET /v1/public/chain_info


Automating rebates for trades with order tags

We’ve heard your feedback! The rebates for trades with specific order_tag can now be automated by using our refferal system. Create a refferal code and use that refferal code in order_tag when submitting orders.

New Feature

Introducing max slippage for market orders

We are excited to announce a new feature to our trading platform: the Max Slippage Setting for Market Orders. This functionality allows traders to set a maximum slippage for their market orders, giving unprecedented control over order execution relative to the market’s mid-price.

For buy market orders, this means your order will be fully or partially filled at price levels greater than the order book’s mid-price adjusted by your specified slippage. Conversely, sell market orders will be executed at price levels less than the mid-price, also adjusted by your chosen slippage. This ensures that your orders are executed within your comfort zone of market price movement, enhancing predictability and control over your trading outcomes.

For example, if the mid-price for MATIC is $1 and you place a buy market order with a 0.02% slippage, only portions of the order that meet the slippage criteria will be executed, with any remaining quantity being canceled. This precision ensures that you achieve the best possible price, according to your specified tolerance for slippage.


Updated endpoints

Orders with an order_tag can now be retrieved via GET /v1/orders & GET /v1/algo/orders APIs with the new order_tag parameter.

Enhancements to GET /v1/referral/info API, adding the following data in response:

  • For referrers:

    • 1d_referrer_rebate

    • 7d_referrer_rebate

    • 30d_referrer_rebate

    • total_referrer_rebate

  • For referees:

    • 1d_referee_rebate

    • 7d_referee_rebate

    • 30d_referee_rebate

    • total_referee_rebate

Adding volume and fees of all referrees for the refferal code in response for GET /v1/referral/rebate_summary

Adding maker and taker volume breakdown in GET /v1/volume/broker/daily API

Brokers can now retrieve total fees collected under the criteria (given broker_id, aggregate logic, order_tag filter, and etc.) + broker rebate viaGET /v1/volume/broker/daily API

New query parameters in GET /v1/referral/admin_info API: - New query parameter user_address, to filter all codes of the matching user_address only (should only match 1 account since the broker_id has to match the broker admin one)

  • New query parameter account_id, to filter all codes of the matching account_id only

  • NOTE: Only user_address or account_id can be provided

Ability to change the referral code’s rebate split via POST /v1/referral/edit_split

Additional response fields in GET /v1/referral/admin_info API:

  • total_referrer_rebate = Lifetime total referrer rebate on this code

  • total_referee_rebate = Lifetime total referee rebate on this code

Additional responses in GET /v1/public/campaign/ranking and GET /v1/public/campaign/user APIs:

  • total_deposit_amount

  • total_withdrawal_amount

  • start_account_value

  • end_account_value (which is current_account_value)

Increased update frequency of GET /v1/volume/broker/daily API to hourly from daily

Added address in the response for GET /v1/volume/broker/daily

February 5, 2024 - Major Update

New Feature

Introducing the new referral system

We’ve heard your feedback and delivered! The long-awaited Orderly Referral System is finally here, marking a significant milestone in enhancing our platform. Tailored to enrich our community, this system introduces an exciting way for our existing users to connect with new users, strengthening our network through shared rewards.

At the core of this initiative is a straightforward yet rewarding referral mechanism. Users can easily generate a personalized referral code and share it with potential new members.

All endpoints for the referral system can be found under the “Referral Program” section.

To learn more about how the Orderly Referral System works, refer to this article.


Introducing the new fee structure

We’re thrilled to unveil the latest enhancement to our services: the Custom Trading Fee System. This innovative feature introduces a suite of flexible fee-setting options, allowing brokers to tailor fee structures to their unique user bases more effectively than ever before. By departing from the limitations of Orderly’s standard fees, brokers now have the freedom to set fees that align perfectly with their strategies and customer profiles.

We believe that this new feature will significantly enhance the developer experience on our platform, offering both improved user satisfaction and a competitive edge in the dynamic trading landscape.

All fee rate settig endpoints are under the “Fee Setting” section.

The fee tiers are now deprecated from /v1/public/fee_futures/program, /v1/broker/user_info and account websocket.

New volume-based fee rate setting tool can be found on our GitHub.

To learn more about how the new fee structure works, refer to this article.


Adding New Order Types: Take Profit/Stop Loss

Traders can now use more order types: stop loss/take profit and positional stop loss/take.

Features include:

1. Three Trigger Price Options: Initially available with the Mark Price, with future expansions to include Last Price and Index Price.

2. Auto-Cancellation of TP/SL Orders: Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) orders will be automatically canceled if the position is closed, ensuring more precise trade management.

3. Two Types of TP/SL Management:

- Full/Entire Position TP/SL: Apply TP/SL to the entire position with a limit of one maximum TP/SL per position.

- Partial Position TP/SL: Offers the flexibility to define the amount of the position to be closed, with a maximum of 10 partial TP and 10 partial SL orders on each side.

This update empowers traders to implement more dynamic and sophisticated trading strategies with enhanced risk management features. As always, we are committed to improving and expanding the capabilities of the Orderly Network to meet the evolving needs of our users.

All “algo order” endpoints are ammended to add the new order types.

New Feature

Introducing Smart Contract trading support

We are excited to announce the launch of the “Delegate Signer” feature in the Orderly Network, a new feature enabling Smart Contracts to trade.

It allows Smart Contracts to assign an Externally Owned Account (EOA) to sign trades on their behalf using the EIP-712 signature. This solves the issue of Smart Contracts’ inability to sign for trades, broadening trading capabilities on the Orderly platform.

New EIP712 signature types for Delegate Signer functions can be found here.

New Delegate Signer function on-chain. Docs can be found here.

New Delegate Signer APIs under “Delegate Signer” section.

Full write-up of how Delegate Signer functionality works can be found in this article.

January 4, 2024 - Major Update

New Feature

Introducing the new order types

Added create algo order(GET /v1/algo/order), edit algo order(PUT /v1/algo/order), cancel algo order(DELETE /v1/algo/order) and get algo order APIs(GET /v1/algo/order).

Only STOP orders are supported for now.


Changes to deposit withdrawal flow

Deposits and Withdrawals now require a fee to cover cross-chain message cost to/from Orderly Ledger contract.

Added withdraw_fee to each tokens in get token info(GET /v1/public/token) API

Added allowCrossChainWithdrawal parameter to create withdraw request(POST /v1/withdraw_request) API

Added PENDING_REBALANCE status for withdrawal request(POST /v1/withdraw_request) in REST and WSS

New Feature

Introducing new endpoints to retrive user data

Added get account details (GET /v1/public/account) API

Added get user statistics (GET /v1/client/statistics/daily) API

Added get user fee tier(GET /v1/broker/user_info) API


Introducing new liquidation model

Added liquidation_tier parameter for each symbol

Added symbols array and high/low risk perps in claim liquidated positions(POST /v1/liquidation) API

October 13, 2023 - Major Update


Updates to APIs

Added get vault chain info API

Added tag parameter for adding Orderly Key

Changed symbol in get user info API from e.g BTC to PERP_BTC_USDC

September 21, 2023 - Minor Update


Updates to APIs

Added Claim from insurance fund endpoint

Added max_notional parameter to Get Insurance Fund Info and Get Account Information endpoints’ response

Added futures_tier parameter to Get Account Information endpoint

August 10, 2023 - Minor Update


Updates to APIs

Added Get PnL Settlement History API

Added Liquidations on Account Websocket API

Added reduce-only type of order

Added limit_price parameter to Claim Liquidated Positions API

Updated /insurancefund endpoint to /insurance_fund

Updated symbol parameter of Get Liquidated Positions of Account API to not required