Patch Release (Low Severity)

Definition: Minor updates, typically involving bug fixes and small enhancements that do not impact the existing functionality significantly.


No new major features.

No breaking changes.

Does not require user intervention.

Minor Release (Moderate Severity)

Definition: Introduces new features or significant improvements to existing features, but does not fundamentally change the product.


May include new features, enhancements, and performance improvements.

Backward compatible; no breaking changes to existing APIs or core functionality.

Major Release (High Severity)

Definition: Major changes that might include new features, substantial revisions, or updates that significantly modify the product’s functionality.


Introduction of significant new features or major changes to existing ones.

Possible backward incompatibilities or changes requiring user adaptation.

Critical Release (Urgent Severity)

Definition: Emergency releases to fix critical bugs or security vulnerabilities. These releases are often unplanned but necessary for the smooth functioning and security of the product.


Addresses critical bugs or security issues.

Requires immediate deployment to prevent potential data loss, security breaches, or significant system downtime.