Unified Orderbook and Liquidity: Experience the unique advantage of accessing all major chains through our unified trading infrastructure and liquidity.

Quick & Easy Development: Save time and capital, utilize our SDK to expedite the development process, and go to market within 1-2 weeks.

Ready-to-Use Liquidity: No more liquidity concerns. Our orderbook is powered by multiple top-tier Market Makers, ensuring there are never liquidity shortages.

Revenue sharing: Earn a share of the generated fees using your platform.

CEX-Level Performance: Balance between performance and decentralization. Our matching engine guarantees low latency for high-frequency trading strategies, submitting all trades on-chains to ensure transparency, while users keep custody of their funds.

Gasless Trading: No gas fees once you deposit the funds, pay the storage deposit (NEAR only), and activate the trading keys.

One-Click Trading: At the start of each session a new trading key pair is created and then no further signatures or approvals are required to perform any action.

Self-custody: Take control of your assets. Only you have access to your private keys, which means that only you can control your assets. No more worries about insolvency.

Collaborative Ecosystem: Join a thriving community of like-minded projects and reap the benefits of a collaborative ecosystem. Together, we can achieve more.