Orderly provides the infrastructure and tools necessary for developers to build their own DeFi dApps by accessing an array of products Orderly offers.

Builders can create their own Perps DEX on top of a low latency and shared liquidity CLOB trading infrastructure, accessible from all the main EVM chains.

A trader on Polygon can trade against traders on other chains like Arbitrum or AVAX, without leaving Polygon.

No need to bridge funds, no extra complexities. Go to your favorite dApp, connect your wallet, and start trading.

High-level Architecture

Orderly Network Overview Light

There are three main layers:

Asset Layer - resides on each chain Orderly Network supports

  • Users interact with this layer when registering/depositing/withdrawing

Settlement Layer - resides on a single chain

  • Users do not interact with this directly and is used as a transaction ledger

Engine Layer - Orderbook and order-related services

  • Users interact with this when managing orders

This guide is a WIP. If you have any suggestions or questions please contact us by email

For questions regarding building with us, send us an email or reach out in the discord