Orderly Network Preview Light


Orderly Network is a combination of an orderbook-based trading infrastructure and a robust liquidity layer offering spot and perpetual futures orderbooks. Unlike traditional platforms, Orderly doesn’t have a front end; instead, it operates at the core of the ecosystem, providing essential services to projects built on top of it.

Our DEX white-label solution is carefully crafted to save builders time and capital while granting access to our bootstrapped liquidity. Picture having the best features of CEXs while keeping settlements on-chain and maintaining full self-custody.

With Orderly, anyone can create a trading application thanks to our seamless plug-and-play experience leveraging our liquidity and composability.

Looking ahead, our grand vision is to create an omnichain protocol, connecting traders from both EVM and non-EVM chains within the same orderbook.

Uses cases

Brokers: Create your own Spot or Perps DEX effortlessly on NEAR, and Perps DEX on EVM. Benefit from our professional trading infrastructure and deep liquidity.

Spot Aggregators: Access our deep liquidity to secure the best rates in the market for major assets. Drive volume through our platform and earn a share of the trading fees.

Perps Aggregators: Unlock the power of shared orderbook and liquidity. Access to all of Orderly’s Perps ecosystem liquidity directly by creating a front-end.

Wallets & Custodians: Connect to Orderly and offer your users the best Swap rates for major assets. Build your own Swap widget powered by Orderly and open up our ecosystem to all your users.

Trading Desks & Sophisticated Traders: Use our API and enjoy a CEX-level trading experience thanks to our low-latency orderbook.

Games/dApps: Use the built-in widget to enhance your in-app experience and token utility with our in-game Swaps. Keep your users engaged in your app and avoid redirecting them to third parties.

Trading Bots: Connect to our orderbook and offer the industry’s best Spot & Perps rates. Enjoy SL/limit orders, gasless transactions, and fully customizable fees.

Hedging: Safeguard your positions on other exchanges by using our orderbook for effective hedging strategies.

The move toward an omnichain future

DeFi has been one of the fastest-growing sectors in the blockchain industry, providing users with access to various financial services without third-party custodians, mitigating the principal-agent problems. However, DeFi is facing issues of composability, where users have to bridge funds when they want to access certain dApps or ecosystems. This can be complex and time-consuming.

The next iteration of Orderly will enable seamless trading between users on different chains in the same orderbook. No bridging, no complexities, just deposit the funds and start trading.

This opens up new opportunities for everyone building on Orderly Network to gain visibility, attract users, and foster growth. With the ability to interact with multiple blockchains, developers can leverage the strengths and features of different networks, creating a more robust and versatile DeFi ecosystem.

Despite our roots in NEAR, we embrace a multi-chain world. NEAR is our birthplace and our stronghold, but we aim to cater to all builders, many of whom operate on EVM. While NEAR remains central to Orderly, our multi-chain expansion is on the horizon.