We provide two interfaces to communicate between Orderly Network and clients.

RESTful API interface: Provides sending events like create order, cancel order, fetch balance, etc.

Websocket interface: Provides real-time orderbook data feed and order update feed.

Base endpoints

https://api-evm.orderly.org/ (Mainnet)

https://testnet-api-evm.orderly.org (Testnet)

General Information on REST Endpoints

For GET and DELETE endpoints, parameters must be sent as a query string.

For POST and PUT endpoints, the parameters must be sent in the request body with content type application/json.

Parameters may be sent in any order.


All our private interfaces require signing via cryptographically secure keys for authentication, also known as Orderly key.
Please set the corresponding header in your request. Please refer to API authentication for more information.


Orderly Network uses the format of PERP_<SYMBOL>_USDC to represent a symbol name, for example: PERP_ETH_USDC.

Rate Limit

Rate limit is counted using the Orderly key. If your application reached the rate limit of certain endpoint, the server will return an error result with http code 429. You may need wait until next time horizon.

Error Message

Errors consist of three parts: an error code, detailed message and a success flag.

  "success": false,
  "code": -1005, // Error code
  "message": "order_price must be a positive number" // Detail message  

All API will return following json when api fails, the “message” will contain the detail error message, it may be because some data are in wrong format, or other reasons.
Specific error codes and messages are defined in Error Codes.