Orderly Network SDK is a set of software development tools and libraries that simplify the development process for developers building applications that interact with the Orderly Network’s platform. The SDK provides pre-built components and interfaces that support the development of decentralized applications (dApps) on the Orderly Network blockchain. With features such as mapped endpoints for REST & Smart Contract APIs and wallet support, developers can now build dApps with ease.

SDK can be used in the browser and later in Nodejs runtime. Orderly contracts are built on NEAR Protocol.

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Developers building applications on the Orderly Network blockchain face several challenges. Firstly, they need to generate Orderly Access and Trading keys, order signatures, manage storage for keys, and call APIs separately, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. Secondly, managing user accounts on the network requires tools for user authentication, authorization, and access control, as well as tools for managing trading/access keys. Thirdly, integrating with various wallet solutions can be complex and challenging.

Orderly Network SDK solves these problems by providing pre-built components and interfaces that simplify the development process. With mapped endpoints for REST and Smart Contract APIs, developers can place orders, get account info, get market data, and interact with smart contracts on the network easily. The SDK’s account management module provides tools for managing user accounts and trading/access keys, while the wallet support module provides tools for integrating with myNEARwallet and NearWallet (more will be supported in later versions). The front-end widgets module also provides pre-built widgets that allow developers to easily integrate their dApps with various front-end frameworks (Not live yet, but will be supported in the next version).

As a company, we recognized the challenges that developers face when building on blockchain networks. Our Orderly Network SDK was designed to simplify the development process and provide pre-built components and interfaces that allow developers to focus on building dApps, not infrastructure. With our SDK, developers can build high-quality applications with ease and speed, giving them a competitive edge in the market.